Business trips: counting kilometers

Business trips always end in the same way: counting kilometers, adding invoice amounts and managing payments . In the end, traveling is expensive, although sometimes the return on this investment far exceeds the associated expense.

However, there are ways to reduce costs. Do you want to know how to increase the profitability of business trips?

Tips to save and reduce the cost of business trips

Sometimes they will be traveling by plane from executives who visit partners in another country, others will be road trips on the commercial route. The point is that business trips are as necessary as they are expensive for the business and that is why they are in our sights.

In the following lines we propose different ways to minimize the investment they require or obtain advantages that drive savings in the business. Take note:

Book the flight first . If you can choose when to travel for business the reduction in the price of airline tickets will become an important advantage. The key is to do an  airfare search with flexible date on several travel websites and, once the lowest cost flights are found, you can start working to square dates and check if these schedules work for the purpose of the business . Traveling with hand luggage is only a complementary measure to save on flights. When traveling by road or train is not a criterion that helps reduce the price of business trips; But, if these will be done by plane, it can make a difference. Avoiding checked luggage prevents extra charges and is a way to save.

Use hotel search engines. Some websites offer prices on offer for last minute bookings . While waiting for the last minute to book can also be risky, especially on fair and congress dates. The most advisable thing is to use the comparators to find the best deal for the selected destination. Once obtained, this price can be contrasted with that of the hotel website, by contacting them directly to see if the rate can be improved, for example, including breakfast. The  coupon websites also help you save.

Benefit from discounts on refueling. Business road trips are a classic and a must for many businesses . The commercials and visitors travel hundreds of kilometers a week and that supposes an expense in maintenance, since they  eat outside , but also a considerable cost in refueling. With Gasoline Ticket , a percentage is saved each time the deposit is filled and, in addition, as the invoices are unified, it is much easier to recover VAT . Adding discount and tax refund is an advantage to consider.

Always carry the meal card that offers you centralized bills on trips and avoid having to carry money on them. In addition, both in the card mode, as in the ticket mode , you can include limitations for amount, day and also time zone of use . If you still do not have Ticket Restaurant in your company, the management costs can come out free with this promotional code .

Finally, the option that most spending helps you cut back on business trips is to avoid them. Today, there are other ways to connect with people , such as Skype and Google+ Hangouts. These are tools that promote sustainability and productivity, easy to use and free. By maintaining online meetings with partners and customers, the reconciliation of family and work life of employees is improved, boosting savings.

These types of alternatives do not mean the end of business trips, obviously, but they do help to rationalize them and adjust business expenses. How about  rewarding employees who help reduce the organization’s expense ? And, to finish winning in control over costs, have you thought about resorting to a comprehensive solution of professional expenses? Corporate helps you make spending notes, digitize tickets and recover VAT.

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