Our 卫生学院 and 自然科学 interdisciplinary "Local to Global 健康 Initiative," engages students and faculty in partnership with community stakeholders to improve health and participation in life activities of at-risk and/or underserved populations. Through education and partnership with community agencies, innovative service projects can impact local & 全球社区.

To educate compassionate and innovative leaders through interdisciplinary teamwork and service learning while improving overall community health and environments of at-risk and/or underserved populations both locally and globally.


  • To extend access and quality health services to diverse, low income or underserved populations
  • 提高文化敏感度, awareness and professional skills of students by creating a culture of "caring" and empathy for others through real-world, “动手”经历
  • To engage students in team problem solving and development of creative solutions to meet the challenges in providing quality health services to individuals, populations or communities with limited or no resources
  • To expand student awareness and understanding of international & national healthcare issues through cross-cultural healthcare experiences in both local and 全球社区
  • To strengthen students ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and partner with local and 全球社区.
  • 促进跨学科发展, international initiatives to enhance exchange of ideas and understanding of the education of health professionals on a global basis


Continuing Mercy College’s commitment to the 布朗克斯, the College has partnered with the Head Start Sponsoring Board Council of the City of New York, 公司. (HSSBC) to provide health screenings and education through the College’s Mobile 健康 Vehicle. 美慈学院学生每月两次, faculty and staff take the College’s Mobile 健康 Vehicle to the Bathgate section of the 布朗克斯 to provide health screenings and education to members of the Sharon Baptist Head Start Program and surrounding 布朗克斯 community.



2019年春天, an interprofessional team of students and faculty from the Communication Disorders Program, 医师助理计划, and Physical Therapy Program spent their spring break in the 多米尼加共和国. 不像其他大学生, 在海滩上休息, Mercy students worked to continue our partnership with 公司a Cola and Friends of Lead Free Children Foundation.

The Mercy team saw over 500 patients at various locations: a YMCA on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, a medical clinic that is usually closed but opened for the mission work, sugar cane fields region where people are extremely poor, 还有一所聋人学校. 



教师 and students from the Communication Disorders Program continued their global travels with Healing the Children Northeast with a medical mission to Sucre, 玻利维亚. 

This organization brings together surgeons, 麻醉医师, 儿科医生, 心脏病, and nurses from different states to treat children with cleft lips and cleft palates.  Dr. 莎丽干了, 教员, 还有罗珊娜·格拉特罗, 2nd-year graduate student from our Communication Disorders program joined a medical mission to 玻利维亚 this September. They provided pre- and post-surgery speech pathology services to the children with cleft lips and palate who also presented with speech, 语言, 以及进食/吞咽问题. In all, approximately  thirty children had surgery to repair their cleft lip or cleft palate. 


The global initiatives conducted by Mercy College’s 卫生学院 & 自然科学 are only possible through assistance provided by our network of supporters. 您对我们使命的捐赠 will make a difference that will be felt globally and remembered for generations.



We hope to return to our annual mission to 安提瓜岛 in 2023.  几年来, students and faculty of the Communication Disorders, 职业治疗助理, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs traveled to 安提瓜岛 to provide health and medical services, 以及提供公共服务. 



Students and faculty of the Veterinary Technology program plan to return to Belize in January 2023. We plan to continue our partnership with the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic who will be providing in-country logistical support. We will be providing veterinary services to wildlife and canines, 以及提供公共服务.



Students and faculty of the Physician Assistant, Communication Disorders and Physical Therapy programs are beginning to plan to return to the 多米尼加共和国 in Spring 2023. We hope to continue our work providing primary health care services as well as health education.